Prove Your Worth Beneath The Moonlight of Ailur

A Dark Fantasy Action RPG made by Mostly Cats (and some humans)

Become the role of a fledgling feline warrior who must master the magic of the ancient sacred Kristals.

Punishing & Satisfying Combat

In Kristala, you must avoid damage by blocking, dashing, rolling, and deflecting attacks.

Additionally, battles are won by combining light + heavy attacks, utilizing multiple weapon abilities, and the casting of up to 16 equipped spells at a time.

Mana is regenerated by engaging in melee combat — unlock and level up catlike abilities on a Feline Skill tree.

Drain Their Balance For a Takedown

6 Different Clans For Your Play Style

Deadly Elites & Unforgiving Bosses

Defeat Obstacles With Stealth & Nimbleness

Execute unique abilities that allow you to traverse the environment in multiple ways, overcoming new and exciting challenges.

New traversal abilities are unlocked by progressing Kristala’s main storyline, and each new skill opens up new pathways in previously explored areas.

Piece Together the Lore Through Exploration

In-game cinematics and an enchanting soundtrack are often used as storytelling tools, along with written journal pickups and impactful NPC interactions.

You can also unravel the story via unique Kristal Memory items: brief audio/visual scenes recounting past events that occurred where the Memories are found.

Help us bring Kristala to life

Come, dear traveler... will you join us into the expanse of the surreal?